We are Czech alternative indie rock band from Brno formed in 2014, initially consisting of vocalist and keyboardist Alžběta Brothánková and guitarist and also vocalist Markéta Chmelíková. In January 2016 we felt that something was missing. After two years we wanted to change it. Our purpose was to make music that can fill the atmosphere with sound that fits to our mood. We decided to enrich our band with a new member, drummer and percussionist Sabina Kašparová. Since then we feel a  huge motivation and progress. In summer 2016 we decided to make another step so we started to planning our debut album.

We began recording in October and after long time that we spent on editing process, we are happy to finally introduce you our debut album named “You Are”.

We also want to share with you the process of creating our music. Sometimes one of us goes through situation that is very emotional for her so she writes a text. Our songs are like our confession and that’s what we want to share with you, because through these lyrics you can feel reassurance that you’re not alone in these concrete situations. We write either about painful feeling or huge joy. Even though we are surrounded by sorrow and also joy, some of ours lyrics are about God, because largely our life is influenced by faith.

In conclusion, listen to our music and help us to make our passion realizable.

Always with love,
Break Falls